Since 1990s, Pakistan has been facing energy crisis, inflating the cost by year on year basis for both the household and commercial sector.

This crisis finally hit its peak during 2008 and Pakistan became a victim of regular load shedding. Everyone required an alternative source of clean energy.

From agricultural sector, to manufacturing and households, which represents a large population from urban areas to villages, was heavily effected with rising prices and load shedding.
During the year 2018, Solectric Solutions was founded with a mission “Solar for All”.

With humble beginnings, Solectric Solutions expanded the business across Pakistan due to its innovative solutions to provide low cost solar energy across the household and commercial sector.

Quality products showcasing latest technology along with a well trained team and excellent after sales service fueled the exponential growth of Smart Solar across Pakistan.


Solectric Solutions has a reliable network of distributors, retailers, service providers and installers across Pakistan.

Our head office in Islamabad serves to a multitude of clients in the most remote areas. We have also powered government facilities in sensitive locations as well as top notch projects in urban cities


Our value system forms the very core of our everyday business at Solectric Solutions ‘s Smart Systems.

It is the foundation of our corporate culture which shines through our entire value chain from vendors to customers.

  • ACHIEVEMENT of everyday tasks
  • INNOVATION on a regular basis
  • ACCOUNTABILITY at transparency at all levels
  • EMPATHY with a helping attitude
  • CARE about our environment

Product Range

Solectric Solutions represents a number of prestigious brands in Pakistan related to Solar energy. We also source some top equipment from local distributors at preferred prices due to our volume of business. This is one of the reasons that we are able to cater a highly competitive price to our customers.